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Classy RV National Vehicle, Lee Jones CLASSY RV IS A TERRIBLE SCAM! Omaha Nebraska!!. I was taken victum by Classy RV’s SCAM! I spoke with a Lee Jones over the phone who was friendly and talked about how much he respected my husband for being in the military (boy did he butter us up!). He talked about all of these great sales they make and assured me that our RV would be sold in just 3 weeks at most. We went through sending tons of pictures of our RV and did all of the leg work ourselves. Then he took our $499 (this is what they charge you to “sell your RV”) and we NEVER heard from him again until I contacted him months later over worries that we had been scammed. Their customer service buttered me up and kept me quiet. That is, until this morning! This morning I sent an e-mail to “Lee Jones” of Classy RV asking if our RV was still listed only to have the mail delivery fail. So I called Classy RV only to find out that Lee Jones no longer works there. How is it that they take $499 from my husband and I, do not keep in contact with us and NEVER bother to notify us that the man selling our RV no longer works there. At this point I am assuming that our information went idle and was not being listed or actively advertized for months! They are a terrible company and only want your money. I am sure buying an RV through them would not be bad, because you would be buying directly from the owner, however DO NOT list with Classy RV. They are a SCAM!

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