Cityside by E&S Auto Repair


Cityside by E&S Auto Repair scam, unnecessary work, inspection, fake, inflated prices Scarborough Maine!!. It is a shame when a place you respected and trusted turns bad. My girlfriend brought our 2018 Ford Fusion in for a pre-inspection to identify any issues that would prevent it from passing inspection in two months. She did not recognize anyone in this place since the last time we had work done. Those folks were honest and fair. She was told that both front struts needed to be replaced, that there was a pulsation in the brakes with the recommendation that the front pad and rotors be replaced and a posssible exhaust leak. The estimate for replacing the front struts was $947.00 using McPherson quick struts, which entails taking out 5-10 bolts and bolting the new part in place. The upcharge on the struts was close to 100.00 per strut over retail. The estimated time for the 30-45 minutes of work was almost 300.00. I had recently replaced the the pads and rotors on the front, so I knew that there was nothing wrong with them. We took the car for another inspection at a national chain with a reputation for always finding something wrong with the vehicle on inspection. However, the vehicle passed with flying colors, no strut issues, no brake issues and no exhaust leak. Clearly a scam. Do not go here. Next stop, complaint to the Attorney General.

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