Zillow is allowing people to post houses for rent that are scammers. We found a business that is posting a house for rent. They are taking money for background checks and not running them. Which in turn can make them a lot of money. Craigslist banned them. When I saw the same scam on Zillow I reported it. They took it down for a couple of days, then reposted it. I warned Zillow again of the scam and they still have it posted. These people are true con artists. They had our address and called us then showed up 5 minutes later for us to fill out an application at our current home. They rushed us then took our check. We tried to call them for a return, they wouldn’t answer the phone. Great way to make a lot of money in this market. Zillow was notified at the very least 4 times. Yet they still allowed for the house to be posted. What a scam and Zillow is an acomplance to this scam.

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