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I’d like to start out by saying that I am by no means perfect and I have made mistakes, but I have NEVER cheated on my husband or stepped outside of the bounds of our relationship. My husband and I have been married for nine years, between the two of us we have five children, the oldest of which is just two years younger than this little girl. I thought that we were happily married until December of this past year: we used to do everything together even mundane things like getting groceries, he was my best friend. Then that slowly began to change to the point where even the kids noticed that he no longer wanted to go out with us in public. That was when I started to suspect something was going on, he put a password on his phone, then he took me off of all of his social media pages, I was so suspicious but I was completely in the dark. That was when I received and anonymous text message with a screen shot of his Facebook friends list showing me that he was friends with his ex-girlfriend, this violated one of our very first social media rules no friendships with people that we had previously been involved with. || I immediately left and went to a friend’s house after printing out copies of this evidence and leaving it on our kitchen table, I confronted him again bout him cheating he said that he was not and that they were just friends, I believed him because he removed her blocked and also blocked her number on his phone. During the argument about this girl, he told me about his friend, a girl who was suffering from depression and was suicidal and he was helping her cope, and begged me to allow him to keep her in his life after throwing me a line about her abusive home life which I bought hook line and sinker. This was April 28th of this year. I loved him so much that I overlooked what I thought could be an outright lie, then on May 17th of this year he checked into the ER with a panic attack that he blamed on me for hounding him about cheating, during his stay in the hospital he called and spent 5 minutes on the phone with his son who was terrified that his daddy was in the hospital and he spent 39 minutes on the phone with his little girlfriend. I confronted him about this the following day and gave him another opportunity to come clean, and he used this as a way to say I was being crazy. I let it go because he again assured me that she was nothing more than a friend and had also ended up in the ER that night for similar issues. || Shortly after this we went on a family vacation the first week of June and this was when I knew without a doubt that he was in a relationship with someone else, he was always on the phone with someone late at night decided to sleep in a separate bedroom, but the icing on the cake was when my neighbor who is also a dear friend called to let me know that another of our neighbors also a friend was in the hospital and I went to tell him and he refused to open his door to talk to me and closed the door in my face. I immediately went to my room and logged into our cellphone account and looked at the call detail low and behold he was on the phone with her every morning and night the entire time that we were there not for a few minutes like a normal friend but hours like a girlfriend. I was appalled but still didn’t have solid enough proof and continued to push him for the truth. I gave him over five chances to be honest at which point we could have talked things through and sought help but no, I was told that there was nothing going on. Shortly after this vacation, on June 18th I attended a friend’s baby shower while my husband took our son to a baseball game, I did not realize that this was the day that my world would come to a shattering halt. I received a text message from a friend that had attended a wedding that my husband had also attended earlier this year asking me why my husband was in her pictures with another girl and not me, at this point I grabbed his password sheet that he kept in our desk drawer and logged into his google photos and got the surprise of my life. There were photos saved of him and her dating back to December, and they were not just pictures of them together, I have hundreds of photos of her telling him how much she loves him, how much she wants him to be inside her, and very graphic photos telling him where he can put it. || During those months I fought like hell to get him to work with me to save our marriage or to tell me the truth. Instead he racked up credit card debt that I paid to take her out to dinner almost every single night leaving his family home alone wondering where he was. I was also dumb enough to offer up a set of concert tickets that I got for mother’s day because I felt bad that she had never been to a real concert. After confronting him with all of this information I walked out, I refuse to fight for someone who isn’t fighting for me. Two very amazing friends confronted this girl and advised her that she was seeing a married man and had broken up a home, she at first denied that she was seeing my husband, but when confronted with images of her kissing my husband had nothing at all to say. To this day even after knowing that she destroyed a home, left another woman jobless, homeless and penniless with children to take care continues to see my husband. All I wanted was to go to school to make a better life for my family and this girl spread her legs for my husband and destroyed all of the dreams that we had. It is ok though, I have made new dreams, have been offered an amazing job and have a beautiful home to move into with some really awesome friends, I just want the women of New Castle to be aware that there is a homewrecker on the loose and she does not care who she destroys, so watch your husbands a little more closely.

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