Chick-fil-A Complaint


All I can say is that she bullies all of the staff in front of the staff.She is the rudest, loudest and most un professional women I have ever seen in my 40 years of any job that I have ever worked.First day I say her and words came out of her mouth, I said trouble in paradise.You could not pay me enough to work there.Those poor kids that work there…She is such a mean insecure women.Do not work there!!!Karma is a [censored]!!!Her name is Gwen.She once told a employee she was too fat to change the paper towels.Too many complaints about her to fit on one page…Beware…new people.I guess alot of good employees have quit because of her.And Chris the owner is far from a christian man…This place is a joke!!! Levi is great!!!

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