Cheyenne Dukes Nampa, Idaho Idaho


My sister and her husband were married 7 yrs. They just had their 7 year anniversary on the 11th of August. On the following Thursday he told her he wanted a divorce and he didn’t love her anymore. Their marriage has not been perfect but then again whose is. The homewrecker telling her husband the exact same thing that same night(obviously planned between the two). || This girl was warned by her own best friend 2 months prior to not talk to or pursue anything with my brother in law. Cheyenne herself being married as well with a son, my sister and brother in law have 2 children together. Cheyenne didn’t give a damn about anyone but herself and what she wanted.  She knew fully of him being married having kids and it being a pretty happy marriage at the time. My sister found out through texts between the two dumbasses 4 days after his divorce talk. The homewrecker stating she was so scared he would choose to stay with my sister and continue with their marriage, and baby please don’t break my heart and I love you. (Really???) Of course my sister confronted him and all went downhill as he got defensive and only cared about her looking at his phone. Thank god she did because she would not have found out otherwise. She left the house they had together, she was and is still extremely hurt, confused, and pissed off. She lost 28lbs in 3 weeks from the emotional ride. || My nephew and niece are hurt confused and don’t understand what’s going on. the HW and brother in law not giving a shit how the kids feel as they are young, still see each other, but the kids are very close to both parents and don’t understand why there is another woman with their dad, Or why mommy doesn’t live in the same house. I see what this has done to all 3 of them and held them through tears. It pisses me off more than words can say. It has been a month since my sister moved out and is trying to move on; slowly she is getting better day by day. || Cheyenne’s husband being a great friend of my cousins and a great guy himself is in the same position as my sister. I feel horrible for both of them as their worlds just got flipped. Cheyenne not only ruined my sister’s family but her own as well. There is no excuse for this and her and my brother in law should be ashamed (yes I know he is to blame as much as she is).

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