Chaunte Elizabeth Foster New York New York


This weird rough face looking creature made it a point to come between me and my boyfriend of eight years. She is 28 years old, with a child. He was 22-23 years old at the time. (2013-14) What he saw in her I will never understand. This ugly, wrinkled bitch would not leave him alone she chased and chased him. Called him non-stop and texted him from multiple numbers. When what she needed to do was find a man her own age. Even her baby father didn’t want her because she was disgusting. || She fucks in bathrooms and lives in a single bedroom and bed with her son where she sleeps with any guy who gives her attention. Ladies beware of this hoe and her hoe-ish ways. She’s an attention seeker and becomes delusional over any man who gives it to her.

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