I needed to file an online change of address request with the USPS for a one dollar fee. So I googled ?USPS Address Change? and the link to the Change-of-Address website showed up as one of the top links for USPS Address Change. I clicked on the link and was taken to the Change of Address website. There, I submitted a change of address request and paid what I thought was a $1.00 fee.

To my surprise, a month later I saw on my visa credit card statement, that had charged me $29.95. That?s almost 30 times what I thought I had been charged! I called Change of Address, LLC at 866-637-0264 and calmly told the representative that I thought I had paid $1.00 for the Change of Address service, not $29.95. The representative then proceeded to tell me that I needed to read websites more carefully, and then she hung up on me. I called Change-of-Address a second time and again they hung up. I was never disrespectful to any of the representatives, and yet they still insulted me and hung up on me twice. These are the only two times that someone has ever purposely hung up on me in my entire life.

After getting nowhere with Change-of-Address, LLC, I went to their website to ?read it more carefully.? On their website I had the same experience as reported in the July 25, 2013 NBC Business News Article, ?Watch out for the ?Change My Address? scams.? The article describes how the Change-of-Address website is set up for disclosing fees.

The NBC article by Herb Welsbaum states:
?The $19.95 charge is not mentioned anywhere on the home page. That little detail is buried
in the fine print of the ?Legal Terms? page?if you bother to click on the link to that page.
Instead, there is a disclosure box at the top of the payment page that indicated you are agreeing
to a one-time charge of $19.95. But, it?s easy to miss that price information because of the way
the page is designed. The top of the payment page (where the price is shown) comes up above
the top of your screen. You don?t see it unless you scroll UP on the page. When I tried the site, I
missed it the first two times-and I was specifically looking for pricing information.?

When I revisited the Change of Address website, I had the exact same experience as described by NBC News. The fees I was able to hunt down were $19.95. Yet, the Change-of-Address charged my credit card $29.95. When I called Change of Address and asked why I was charged more than $19.95, they hung up on me. Change of Address is a business that is designed to fool, deceive, and rob customers. The business should clearly state their fees or be forced to shut down.. I demand Clearly State Your Fees or stop operations, Change of Address, LLC!. Stay away

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