Caused soreness in my leg instead of treating it


I have a problem with veins and they often cause soreness and discomfort. I decided to have the laser treatment for veins and chose Skin Esteem Med Spa for this treatment. It is advertised painless and sounds I need just that for me.

I made the appointment and arrived on time at the practice. My legs felt tired standing in line for my appointment. Skin Esteem Med Spa isn’t a professional company because nobody offered me a seat and I thought it rude of staff members to ignore me standing with sore legs.

The practitioner called me in for the exam and started the vein laser treatment.

I had issues with leg veins and hoped this treatment would dissolve it. Unfortunately, the treatment didn’t work as advertised. I gather veins are blocked and the problem with veins are lessened.

This process of vein laser treatment didn’t work on my leg veins instead my leg got sore and swelled from the laser treatment. I wasn’t pleased with this treatment nor with the practitioner at Skin Esteem Med Spa.

It is nothing like I heard and read in advertisements. I had pain and soreness on the veins. It felt uncomfortable and I couldn’t walk as normal for two days. This frustrated me with unprofessional work done on my veins.

I had dark marks from the laser on my legs and didn’t feel good on leaving the Spa. I put this down to no qualifications and no care for clients at Skin Esteem Med Spa. I had high expectations from the practice and got nothing good from it.

I had no one to explain in detail to me of the vein laser treatment and expected a painless procedure. There’s no professionalism in vein laser treatment. A new method and I didn’t find it comfortable nor painless.

The working team at the Spa clinic weren’t useful to me of any information about the treatments at Skin Esteem Med Spa and I expected excellent client care from the team. Instead, I barely walked out of the facility. I observed the uncleaned toilets and showers at the Spa Clinic. This shows me no well-trained staff and no communication skills to better inform clients of procedures at the clinic.

I didn’t get what I paid for and don’t appreciate the terrible treatment from Skin Esteem Med Spa. This isn’t what professionals do and how they serve clients in such situations.

My sore veins aren’t sore but feel uncomfortable after the laser treatment.

I had no idea what to expect and won’t go back for a follow-up treatment.

It is a waste of money to have this treatment. I don’t recommend Skin Esteem Med Spa to anyone in need of such treatments. You won’t get respect from the work team, pleasantness or the best customer’s service from the company. Research other Spa companies and you will find professionals to perform these treatments. You won’t receive a professional laser treatment from Skin Esteem Med Spa.




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