Carmen M. Garrett – Fairfield, Alabama Alabama


Carmen Maria Garrett (Rivera) is a home wrecker. My husband started getting text messages in the middle of the night and I got up and took a pic of her name. The next day I asked him about who she was and he she was nobody just an old classmate. I sent her a message telling her to stop sending my husband messages and if she wanted to talk to someone she could talk to me and I gave her my number. The texting continued my husband just started changing the names to men names but what kind of man texts another man all through the night (dummy). I asked him to unfriend her but he insisted nothing was going on and she was just an old classmate. This weekend he claimed was in Tallahassee Fl doing basketball games but I found a receipt of the items in his truck that were purchased at a Fred’s in Alabama. We had words and some pushing started when I tried to leave the house before things got out of hand they did and he called the police on me. I want the world to know Carmen Maria Garrett who lives in Fairfield Alabama is a home wrecker!!! Carma is a bitch and so are you Carmen!!!

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