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Carl Farey, a true rip off merchant shattering peoples dreams & aspirations that he himself once had of living in the USA. I emailed him to ask that very question.Needless to say, no response. Hopefully that will be shattered if USCIS & ICE do their jobs properly. I have myself repoted it to the authorities, but have never been asked to provide any information to bring this lardy arse git to his knees & deport him after a stretch inside. So it begs the question, will he get off scott free after having had made the lives of quite a few people very unhappy & himself wealthy When he prepared our L1 visa application, it looked very convincing, & to the USA authority, it was & our petition was approved.However, there was no way on this earth that the London embassy was ever going to grant a visa on complete & utter BS. Every page was a lie, with the exception of our names & address. Despite giving him true details of our company etc, he made it all up. I’d gone from a property developer to an “”Electrical wholesaler”” with a huge establishment 300miles north of where i actually live, and still do. I’ve heard of one couple who sadly made the mistake of presenting Farey’s BS & themselves to the London Embassy for a visa. They have been excluded from the USA for ten years. Shame. To the USCIS or ICE, if you want any info, it’s here…come get it.. .

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