c Lied about refunds and pruduct (((Redacted))) Cary, NC (((Redacted))) NC!!. I bought a computer from Imperial car computer exchange and it did not start my car I asked for a refund and they said it would take up too 7 to 10 days well it way over that and I can’t seeM to get my money back I call every day and they keep saying I am on top of the list for my refund I have ask to talk to the superviser and they say I can not talk with him his name is Brian I am on disibility and don’t have the extra money to get another computer for my car till I get my refund I keep calling cause I need my car fixed to get back and forth to the doctors and store to get meds I don’t know what else to do to get my money back from these guys do not buy any thing from this company they do not hold up to what they say it is a rip off please do not order from them I wish I would of rreserch them before I bought there computer now I am stuck with no money to fix my car …….

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