Carbone Honda


Carbone Honda Deceptive sales, terrible customer service, ties up money Bennington Vermont!!. Had financing approved and in hand when I went to the dealership. Picked out a car and and gave them the down payment. They told me it would take a few days, which I thought to be odd. Come to find out, they didn’t want to use my financing and ran my credit with “thier banks.” After not hearing from them for a day I found another dealership and another car. I called and let them know I was no longer interested and would come to pick up the deposit. Well, they deposited my check without signing anything to purchase. I asjed for another check and they told me it would take 7-10 business days. On top of that, the finance guy is in the wrong business. He is rude and gruff and acts like he hates his job. I had to cancel the check at my bank and it cost me $25. $25 just to have them run my credit (against my permission) and take my money and for them to treat me like crap. I wouldn’t go there again if I won the lottery and they were the only dealership in the state.

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