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Captain Locksmith was apparently called by my ex-girlfriend. Without checking to see if she even lived there (and she didn’t at that time), nor did she have a driver’s license showing my address, he broke into my garage and caused damage to my car. All of this was done while I was gone. The Captain Locksmith technician broke into my garage by first removing the screws from the garage door handle, and after learning that it was an electric garage door, he then used a wire and broke into my garage by tripping the latch on the garage door mechanism. After gaining entry into my garage he apparently obtained the key code from GMC and made a key to the car. Since I had the original keys with me, the key he used was not programmed to the car. This set off the anti-theft system and shut down the car. He then pushed the car out of the garage (damaging the exterior of the car) and pushed it into a tow-away zone and left the car turned on so as to run down the battery. When I called and talked to “Juan” at Captain Locksmith, he was very rude, wouldn’t let me talk, and flat refused to provide the technician’s name and information so that he could be placed on a lawsuit for these damages. All of this cost me $2,241.75. Beyond this incident. The company itself is supposedly located in Nashville, Tennessee; however, Captain Locksmith is not a registered company with the State of Tennessee. If you GOOGLE Captain Locksmith it shows up under a variety of scam websites. There is even an alert on the BBB Nashville Tennessee website with an “F” rating.

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