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Caitlyn Baker started sleeping with my husband while they were deployed in Qatar. He is 15 years older than her and her superior. I found out about the affair through nasty pictures and videos that were emailed to me anonymously. She was also married during the beginning of the affair. When I found out I told her husband. || After that she began stalking me and my family. She even threatened my sons safety. I changed my phone number 4 times and had to delete all social media accounts. After months of traumatic harassment and learning that my husband wasn’t man enough to do anything about it I moved five hours away. || My son and I had to uproot our lives because of Caitlyn Baker. She stole my POS husband and made me feel unsafe in my own home. Not only is she a homewrecker but, she is a disgrace to the military. She actively pursued a man she knew was married while the two of them were in a combat zone. She drove by my house at all hours and called me on my phone every time she was drunk, waking my little boy on multiple occasions. I have the phone records, emails, photos, and videos saved in multiple safe locations. Their command will not do anything except kick them both out of the military, therefore taking away my sons health insurance. || This woman has caused me problems for three years now and there is nothing I can do about it…except share my story with the world.

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