Brittney Jane Henderson Summerville / Trion Georgia Georgia


She was working at the same place with my husband and she talked to him and gave him the sob story that she needed someone to talk to cause of problems at home. He told me he wanted time apart from us. I agreed to cause of the problems we were having. I took our son an went to visit my family in Atlanta for a week and came back late one evening and went straight to bed,  We got up the next am and he woke up yelling at me wanting to know where his cell phone was at. I told him I didn’t know but went to look an I found it under the bed pillows and found all the texts between them from nude photos of her, to her asking him for pictures of his d**k. I confronted him and found out he was seeing her. I agreed to a temporary time apart but not to him sleeping or seeing other women! || I waited a few weeks told him I was going to divorce him and he begged me not to, saying he wanted his family not her. So things were good for about 2 weeks until I walked in the bedroom and the phone was blowing up with text messages from her. I confronted both and they said it was nothing but friends now and they would stop talking. So I thought we were together and things were fine then until 2 days ago, he was taking me to work and he turns to me and says in 2 days I am taking her out on a date! He wanted me to wait around to see if he still wanted his family later. I am filing for divorce. He did go out with her and lied to his entire family saying he wasn’t seeing her or going out with her when they asked. She knew he was married with children when she began pursuing him.

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