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I found out on Christmas Eve, exactly 2 years after our miscarriage, that my husband of 2 years had a”girl friend”. I had the feel for months, something was just different. More rage and anger towards me, no sex, no time together, no communication. Everything was changing and in my heart I knew why. This isn’t the first time I’ve dealt with a cheater but it is the first time she looked just like me. Before I had out child of course. || What I read in those texts that night sent my marriage downhill fast. He swore he would change. That it would stop. It didn’t. I found out 2 more times. They were trying to start a family. They’d been together 7 months, telling each other they love the other. It sent me into a depression. I had to start going to therapy. This bitch looked at me everyday and smiled like nothing was going on but in my head I knew. The last time I found these letters and it completely broke everything. I lost it and the only thing you could say to me was that I’m a whore?! Yeah. You slept with my husband and I’m the whore?! || She ruined my family. Destroyed my marriage. And now it’s time for my revenge. I just have few questions. Why? Why would you resort to taking a husband away from his family? His daughter? His wife? What am I supposed to even tell my daughter?

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