BRAVO GROCERY Broward County Florida Review


I would not encourage anyone to purchase meat at Bravo supermarket on6767 Pembroke Road, Pembroke Pines fl 33023I purchased beef ribs and beef steak about an hour ago that was rotted. I returned it immediately.The male manager just looked at me and said “what do you want your money back”” He did not see the dangers of what I just returned to him – did not even look at the product. I told him that I had to report it and he shrugged his shoulders and said okay and tried to walk away with the product.I took it back and took pictures of it.When I got on the phone

the Gm Maria came out and refunded me cash. A guy in white coat came out and looked at the meat and had a smock on his face.I guess they don’t understand the seriousness or maybe just used to it.When I called my husband he ask me why did I go there

he also purchased about two months and had to throw it away. How many people would threw it away and not complained and think of a mother purchasing this product and feeding her kids.Thank You”

6767 PEMBROKE ROAD PEMBROKE PINES, Florida United States of America


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