Brandie Snider Cherokee, North Carolina North Carolina


Alright I will start my story by saying I have been with this man with almost two years. He is a good man or at least I thought. I got a job at Harrah’s Cherokee casino as a cocktail waitress. I work third shift and I have two beautiful children. I have been cheated on so many times but not by Steven, I thought he was different. He was the sun to my rainy day, the stars to my moon. Well like most relationships we were fighting a lot and I knew things were rough, we been through so much together. I’ve been faithful and supported him in every way. || Thursday night I came home early from work and as I drove up the drive way there was a car at my house. Now remember I have two small children in the home as well. I walked up the steps and saw my boyfriend on the couch in nothing but boxers and Brandie on her knees with her shirt off kissing him. I freaked out and went off on both of them. She is married too and he is actually my manager and now I have been suspended from my job, so not only has she taken my life and confidence but she is trying to take my job. Marriage or relationships mean nothing anymore to homewreckers. Sad thing is I don’t know what to do?

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