On one of our businesses we ran our own PPC for 7 years. It has been consistently profitable for 7 years but we were not spending enough time on it. We believed that moving it to a professional PPC agency would grow our sales & profit further because they would dedicate more time to it. We contacted Branded3 as they looked like a trusted agency. Branded3 reviewed all our PPC accounts and said categorically without doubt they would be able to significantly grow our profit and sales so we handed over our PPC to them. This was one of the worst mistakes we have ever made. | Here are some of the reasons why you should not use Branded3 for your PPC: | 1) Within 2 weeks of Branded3 taking over our Google Adwords accounts had been hacked. We previously had Google 2-Step Verification in place for many years so no one could access our accounts. This is a standard security measure that should be in place on every PPC account but the account that Branded3 use to manage their clients accounts does NOT have this essential security measure in place! This is terrible, this is an essential security feature and they admitted they did not have it in place. They are exposing all their clients to massive risk. Going through Branded3’s insecure account spammers hacked into our account and put up loads of spam ads to direct traffic to their spam sites. The result of this is that Google deleted all our Campaigns containing the spam ads and this is irreversible. This meant that Campaigns with 7 years of good history were deleted as a result of Branded3’s poor security. This has permanently damaged our campaigns and lost us a lot of money. | 2) From the day Branded3 took over our PPC our traffic, sales & profit completely plummeted. Our PPC had consistently performed well and been profitable for 7 years so we had plenty of like-for-like data. Branded3 promised they would increase our sales & profit but instead caused them to completely drop off a cliff. | Here is the shocking damage Branded3 did from the day they took over our PPC (bear in mind our PPC had been consistent for 7 years):

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