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brake team broken equipment lost keys and lies portland, Oregon!!. Beware all this is the worst place to take your car. Mechanics work on cars they are not certified to work on and damage the cars in the process. I personally had to take my car to another shop to have repairs done correctly. The brake team took 2 and months to return my car back damaged after repairs. They even lost the keys to the car which shows more negligence in there organization. I personally had to pay to have damage fixed and pay to have car detailed after the oily mess they caused. The owners Juan is not a man of his word and just passes the buck when things need to be handled. He turns them over to managers like John at the 82 ave store that are worthless at handling problems. thus me having to get repairs done out of pocket after months of waiting for them to live up to there promise. I have retained a layer to take them to small claims court for the damages i had repaired and urge other to do the same. This company was shut down under another name for the same reasons. The name has changed but there actions are the same. Please take your cars to another shop this is not a savings nor is it customer service. I will follow up with a report to the better business bureau and the attorney general as i advise others to do in order to get compensation and stop this company once and for all.

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