BodyLogicMD Franchise Corppration Review


read the other complaints here and you will get an idea of what your dealing with. I have been on NRT for seven years and was trying to find a knowledgeable physician that was closer to home. Short but sweet body logic trys to get you to submit insurance claims for services you do not receive. I cannot get my insurance claims filed out properly by Smita Ohri MD. After consultation she prescribed a hormone regime different than what I had been on …I have been suffering for about a month now with hot flashes and night sweats. For this suffering I have paid almost a 1000.??? I have left pleading, angry messages with her office for some one to return my calls…and they fall on deaf ears. Body logic has since refunded fees for the mail order tests I never received but the insurance reinburstment and my suffering have not been addressed. This so called Dr. should be ashamed of herself and should not be practicing. She does not give a hoot about anyones well being. STAY AWAY FROM BODY LOGIC. I will not call again but I will be disputing office visit charges on my credit card. I bet I get a call back then…u think? If you need referrerals for NRT give a call to the compounding pharmacy neartest you. They can give you a lot of information about what Dr”s use there services..Dont get burned like I did. THERE IS NO NEED TO PAY THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS for hormones…Dont be the new cash cow for these crooks.

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