Blackmon Mooring Complaint


After my hot water heater in the attic burst, flooding my house, I contacted My insurance company and Blackmon Mooring to do a water cleanup. They arrived a few hours later and proceeded with cleanup and set up dryers … But without my knowledge they sprayed chemicals for mold ( there was no mold) and they sprayed the wrong chemical…without tenting my furniture or clothing… I ended up in the emergency room as a result…( I have now been hospitalized three times as a result of this toxic exposure)… I filed claim with my insurance company, but they said it was BM fault and should be covered by their insurance carrier … BM management met with me several times and apologized … And offered to mop the floors as cleanup… I was trying to work with them … I returned after a business trip and asked them to do a moisture check…They sent out a teenager ( who seemed to love chemicals.).. I asked him not to spray any more chemicals … I left the property …when I returned … He had fogged the whole house and attic ) … I once again ended up in the hospital …The chemicals they sprayed have absorbed into the Sheetrock, wood and fabrics and the hasibat team that looked at it recommended gutting the property… The chemicals have absorbed into the wood, Sheetrock and clothing and are offgassing…I have ran out of savings and I am living in my car…BM has refused to help … This is a nightmare … Do not use this company!

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