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Best Buy shoppers beware. If you purchase an item from Best Buy (Palm Desert) you may want to open the package first to verify the contents. nI recently made a purchase of a video card and when I discovered that the software and manual were missing from the shrink-wrapped package, I took it back for those items only to be told that the card itself was not the correct one. Not only did I not get the manual or software, but now I was being accused of stealing and trying to get a refund (which I never asked for). nIn discussing this with the local manager, Mr. Snook, he took it upon himself to look down on me like I was some kind of criminal. I even offered to show him my receipts for the last 6 months showing that I had spent a few thousand dollars there let alone how much I’ve spent at there store since they opened. He then proceeded to say that he would contact the manufacturer and get back to me, but when I got to my car I realized he didn’t ask for my phone number. nSo, I went back in, asked for Mr. Snook, got brushed off for about 10 minutes, then he comes over like it was the task from hell (I was being very patient and polite believe it or not) and when I asked him how he was planning on getting back to me after he “contacted the manufacturer”” he sighed heavily as he pulled a pen from his pocket and very rudely asked my what my number was. Obviously being courteous is not a requirement to become management material at Best Buy. I gave him my number and went on my way. Never heard from him or Best Buy. nI since then have settled with the manufacturer after I had to hunt them down myself and after turning them in as well as Best Buy to the BBB. I will never shop at Best Buy again which is a shame considering that we have spent a lot of money at their store and have enjoyed the assistance of most of their employees when it came to technical advisory regarding various computer and electronic purchases. Be cautious of your purchases

always open prior to leaving the store on large purchases

because once it leaves the store

you are out of luck. nBy the way

the video card was $200.00. After reporting Best Buy to the BBB

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