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Becca started working at the local paper mill where my husband has worked for the past 10 years. She knew my husband was married and has a child. She started by sending him a FB request then private messaged him. I would check his FB often so he quickly deleted her. They would talk while he was at work so that he could use the work phone so that I would not see her number on the phone bill. She bought him a prepaid phone so that they could text, talk and send pictures. || She was fired from her job at the mill because he went to see her on his day off while she was at work and she was not in her assigned area for 2 hours. He lied to me and said he was called into work. He began leaving to go to work 2 and 3 hours before his scheduled time and get home an hour late. I was suspicious but I had a home and child to tend to and couldn’t follow him to catch him. He finally left me about 2 1/2 months after it began. He left my son begging and pleading with him to stay. She continually eggs things on by posting things on FB. She has a daughter by another married man that she was messing around with. She has messed with numerous married men and continues to do so. || My husband is now a heavy drinker and is drunk most of the time. He spends very little time with his son anymore. She has ruined mine and my childs life and I hope she doesn’t ruin anyone else’s. My husband is at fault too because he knew he was married and he should’ve been man enough to tell her to back off. He is paying for it now because he has lost his wife, his home and will possibly lose his son before too long if he doesn’t open his eyes and see what they are doing to our child. They have destroyed our little boys world and they should both have to pay.

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