Beamsville Transmission & Auto Service Complaint


Beamsville Transmission & Auto Service ruined my 1988 AMC Jeep Comanche AX5 5 speed Transmission by forgetting to top off the Oil. In the summer of 2017 I stayed 7 months with my Family in Beamsville and Grimsby to get a 1988 AMC Jeep Comanche restored. The vehicle was brought to Beamsville Transmission & Auto Service to have the transmission rebuilt. The clutches had failed but the transmission I just wanted rebuilt because of it’s age, it was running. I had the rebuild kit with premium Japan bearings and the master and slave clutch by LUK. He gave me a verbal quote of under $1000.00. When I picked up the Jeep the price rose to $1150.00. Because of the increase I asked if I could pay cash and inquired about the warranty. Jeff Paolini told me that his work was guaranteed but not if any of the parts I supplied failed. I trusted Him and his wife (she became a friend on facebook). I drove the Jeep to a private garage in Grimsby where I spent the next 2 1/2 months working on it. I had the truck painted and the bed coated with Line-X in December/January. The truck’s transmission failed in Port Hope Ontario on the 401 on my way home to Montreal after whining was heard and I couldn’t downshift. I made it to a nearby motel. I called the business and left a message and also texted Tanja Paolini, no reply. I returned to Beamsville with the Jeep. I left the vehicle with the owner. He called me me back to show me it only had a liter of oil in it and insisted he did the work himself and put it in. There was no evidence of a leak. He claimed that the oil was drained out by someone else?! He offered to fix it but only for another fee of $730.00. I was stranded and needed to be home, so I agreed with this con artist. After looking at it I was called and was told I needed another scrap transmission which they couldn’t find. I went to the garage to tell the owners I wasn’t paying any more and they kicked me out. I had the truck towed to my Sister’s house. In the following week I located another transmission a two hour drive away and arranged for a Jeep mechanic in Hamilton to replace it. Other things were also not right like no backup lights and the driveshaft’s universal joints were worn. I sent Beamsville Transmission & Auto Service two registered letters but no reply. I complained to consumer protection, the BBB etc. I also learned a written estimate is required in Ontario, the owner only gave me the second quote written on his business card. You hear about Businesses like this but I never thought I would be caught with one. Make sure you have a written estimate and never accept a handshake anywhere.

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