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A total nightmare, please avoid them by all means and take your money elsewhere! I sent in my 1st Segway battery for service with a promise it will be ready in a couple of week on April 2012. As soon as they received my first battery, they said they are out of stock and it will take a few weeks before they them from China, I agreed and waited. I then sent my second operational battery as I thought is a good idea to be checked, making sure it is compatible with my newly refilled battery! I thought it may need a revive service which would cost $150! They contacted me and said the second battery needs a complete refill service for $500 and I agreed. Then they said they have to work on 100 batteries received from a segway distributor and my order may take longer. Then they made excuses that the circuit board in of the batteries is broken and needs replacement, another $100, total price is $1100 so far! Then it took them another 8 weeks to say wait more. Very frustrated and tired, I called them again, they said their techs are testing the batteries, as they do not hold good charge and have to figure out what is the problem! They keep you hanging week by week, as they do not give you final answer to make a decision. After you wait long enough, you think it would worth waiting for the last week, but this goes on and on like a cycle. As I am writing this comment (June 27, 2012), I have yet to receive my poor batteries! I had many dreams for my segway to use it in my vacation time, but all is gone now! With this type of service, I do not know how could they stay in business or survive!

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