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Complaint: On 07-08-2017 I received an invoice #NX17/41209-6 in the amount of $106,35 EUR. I sent an e-mail to them saying I didn’t know who they where or what they sold to me. I received an answer from Usenext.com stating on June 6, 2017 sent something to me about there services and that it was free for a 14 day trial, after 14 days it would turn into a regular package. They recommended that I get in touch with my local police and they would have to write a report stating Unknown identity theft. My local police do not have this service unless money was exchanged. They recommended the Attorney General of Massachusetts to look into this. Now, I do not open my computer to anyone, so they never delivered the product which I found out was to speed up my computer, if I received a letter offering this service I neither opened or read about their product. This morning I received a letter from Teschink Asso that Aviteo put a claim in and I now owe $160,78 EUR

Tags: Internet Services

Address: Ahlefelder Ste 51 Nationwide Germany

Website: http://[email protected]/

Phone: +49 2261 6066 366

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