a autoequipmentdepot auto equipment depo tsunco Product Ordered, Product Paid for, but never shipped Tempe AZ!!. I ran into an issue as well with when I tried to order a rolling jack for my 4 post lift. Placed order on 11/28. Based on what I read on the website, I assumed I could pick up local (warehouse located 20 minutes from home) at no charge. On 11/29, I spoke to Rudy in sales and he said this product would ship directly from manufacture and there would be a freight charge. When I asked what that charge would be, I was told $350. I explained to Rudy that I thought that the freight charge was excessive for a $522 item. I asked to cancel the order. Rudy was very accommodating and stated he understood the reasoning and that he would send me a link where I could cancel the order. Later that day, I followed the instructions on the link and cancelled the order in writing. During the next several days I checked my credit card and their website looking for the refund. On 12/6 I left a voice mail message for their customer support group. Later that week on 12/8, I checked to see if my credit card was issued a refund. When I saw that no refund was processed, I called their customer service department. I spoke to Tanaya. She stated she could see why I was cancelling the order and could see why the website was misleading when it came to shipment. She stated if they waived the freight charges, would I still want the product. I stated that I would still want the product. She stated they would go ahead and process the order and Autoequipmentdepot would pick up the freight charges. She stated the product would ship the following week. Once shipped I would receive an email with tracking information During the following week, I checked their website several times to see if the status of the order changed from u201cProcessingu201d and it did not. On 12/22, I called and spoke to Tanaya again. She stated she did not know why the product did not ship and she would need to talk to her manager (Alan?). She stated she would try to call by the end of the day but most likely she would call the next day on the 23rd. I never received a call back. On 12/28, I left a message for someone to call me back with an update. I never received a call back. On 1/3 I called and spoke to Tanaya. She stated that they are backlogged with orders from the holiday season. She thought they would have all orders out the door by the end of the week. She stated she would send an email by the end of the day on Friday. I never received any notification. On 1/11 or 1/12 (I was away from my office), I called and was told Tanaya was dealing with another customer at the moment. I spoke to a gentleman who placed me on a brief hold while he worked with Tanaya. He came back and stated she was working on my issue and that she would call me back. I informed him that I needed an update ASAP since my 60 window of opportunity to dispute the charge (with Credit card Company) was coming to a close. He stated not to worry she would call me by the end of the day. She never contacted me. On 1/12 I filed a dispute with my Chase credit card On 1/16, Chase called to follow up with dispute. They needed some additional information. I provided history. They stated they had enough info and that they would provide a temporary refund of $522. I would also be receiving a letter, via mail stating this and it should be held for my records. Autoequipmentdepot now has 2 billing cycles to dispute my dispute. Unless they send me jack, the dispute will be permanent in my favor. On 1/27/17 I logged into website. Screenshot shows a change. The order now reads u201cOn Holdu201d On 3/11/17, I received another letter from credit card company indicating that the case is now closed and the refund would remain on my account. On 3/14/17, out of curiosity I tried to log into my account on autoequipmentdepot. They blocked me from their site. Oh well, after the lack of customer service and follow through, I would never order anything from them. I will also make sure that whenever I read a post that is looking for feedback on this company, I will post my review. I cannot believe an organization can stay in business with such horrible customer car (or lack thereof)!

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