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Auto Nation Spring jeep Chrysler dodge warranty rip off Houston Texas!!. I purchased a 2018 dodge ram from auto Nation in houston back when it was spring Chrysler jeep. I take care of my truck as I use this for work. I got a recall notice for tie rod replacement so I set an appointment and took it in there for repairs as usual they wanna hit me up for service and said all my fluids needed changing but that was false as I recently done all but my Trans mission. I have 96,000 miles and decided that it’s time to change it again so off I go…once the pan is down I notice I have gold flakes in it so now I realize I have a problem I proceed to finish and I thought well I’ll have it rebuilt. I have noticed that the shift point had been acting strange for awhile. So once back together I go to a transmission shop and they tell me the gears are bad.the following week I’m driving and wondering about this and thinking it runs good maybe it will last a little longer then all of a sudden the check engine lite comes on so I stop at an auto parts and they check the lite and tell me my def fluid and my solenoid to shift my Transmission are bad so I tell them what I found earlier and they tell me that solenoid will cause my transmission to go truck is still under warranty so I wasn’t to concerned until I take it to the dealership..they wanna charge me for the def fluid repair, fine what about the transmission as well as the outer tie rods that they said is under recall that you lied about replacing I noticed it wasn’t done.oh no dodge will not give up the parts for the recall and for the transmission well we need to change your cooling fan and thermostat before we can fix the transmission..what does that have to do with my Transmission repair?..nothing!. My truck is under warranty they acknowledge a bad transmission but refuse to fix it until I pay 3000 to 5000 dollars to let them repair other items that are not broke but not only that they refuse to fix a recalled item saying it’s the fault of dodge not giving out the parts that are recalled. If my steering breaks I guess it’s better to be sued behind faulty parts than to replace that part when it’s there for the recall…I feel now that auto nation and dodge are just one rip off after another and they do not care about public safety and do not care about warranty issues…I will never buy another truck from dodge and best advice do your check before you buy, this repair will cost around 7000 dollars for a transmission now.

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