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Yes – ATG Stores are the worst! I WILL NEVER BUY FROM THEM AGAIN and I recommend that if you are considering to use them to do the same! The aggravation is not worth it if you have a problem with your order.I have spent over 2K with them in the last year alone with no returns and yet have been in a prolonged battle with them based on one single item that was inadvertently returned to the vendor by UPS due to a “In-Person Signature Only”” stipulation that the vendor placed on the shipment. Funnily enough

this same vendor had left several previous shipments on my porch w/o signature needed. Despite signing the back of the UPS slip 3 times and writing additional notes to leave on porch – They would not leave it. I even called UPS

ATG and the vendor (Nostalgic Warehouse) to tell them what was happening – the latter two recommended that I sort it out when the product was received back at the vendor. Well…Here’s where ATG are the biggest rip-offs: THEY CHARGE 50% RESTOCKING FEES!!! Mind you

I still wanted this product but I couldn’t take a day off of work to wait for a random time delivery from UPS! Now they are charging me $60 restocking fee for a product that cost $120 and I didn’t even receive it! ATG Stores customer service reps are very rude and are seemingly in cahoots with one another. If you detect that you are not getting anywhere and ask for a senior supervisor or senior rep

they put you on hold for a lengthy time while they go tell their superior their skewed and biased version of events. Results? You get the same non-helpful response from all of them! One of them even had the nerve to ask me why I was cancelling my re-order of the exact same product because “”either way you are going to be out $60 dollars””! Now who on earth would have the gall to say that to a customer who is pleading to remove this outrageous charge due to the fact that the item returned was the vendors own fault? Needless to say

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