Ashley McGuffin – Port Huron, Michigan Michigan


This woman is named Ashley, a complete hot mess of a homewrecker. She had an affair with a co-worker, both out of work and a few times while at work!!! Ashley and this co-worker eventually moved in together (at her DAD’S home) while this man’s wife was pregnant with their 4th child. She had him promising that he was going to take the oldest 3 children from his wife, and have NOTHING to do with the new baby. They also got engaged and were planning on a winter wedding. Now, the entire time Ashley was with this man, she was cheating on HIM with her ex-boyfriend whom she had a daughter with, and was sending love e-mails to her high school sweetheart, a current US Marine in North Carolina!!! || Well, she ended up going to visit the sweetheart, telling he co-worker lover she was”visiting family” in Illinois. He found out after she posted a pic up online of her and the new man flashing an engagement ring! So the man went back home and GROVELED his ass off to his pregnant and hurt wife, and they are working things out. Ashley however married her high school sweetheart, moved to North Carolina, and before he even got deployed, she had cheated on him multiple times, one time with one of his best friends!!! Before the divorce was final, there were at least 2 more men in there as well!!! All while she leaves her 5 year old daughter with her dad for days on end to be with these men. So watch out for this barracuda. She will mess up a lot of lives in a very short time frame.

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