Ashley ‘Bird’ Stretton Fredericksburg, Virginia Virginia


My husband and I have been married for almost 6 years. In our 6 years together, we have had 3 children and I have given up my active duty career for his. We have always had a good relationship and 100% trust in each other, even through deployments. A couple months back, we purchased an iPad to share, using his iTunes account. I have never had a reason to go through his phone, or his messages, I didn’t even know his Facebook password, and I never cared to know it. The day after Thanksgiving, I sat down with the iPad to look up new holiday crafts, knitting patterns and to plan a birthday party for 2 of our daughters. A whole bunch of messages kept popping up from ‘Sara’. My best friend’s name is Sarah, so I thought what the heck? I looked at the messages, and it was not my Sarah. I discovered an affair via smartphone and computer. After a bit of digging, hacking his email and checking his Facebook, I uncovered more than I ever wanted to see. My husband, who is as much to blame as she is, had plans to take one of our children to meet up with her in January. He asked me to purchase these tickets for him,”to see his family and go hunting with his father.” || I uncovered messages about how they love each other, and she makes him feel so good, meanwhile he is laying in bed next to me. She was so happy chatting with him and her friend told her to stay away because he is still married, she should have listened. Here is the good part, her husband had an affair and LEFT HER! She even mentioned that she did not want him (my husband) to lose his children and move across country for her, but she loves him. *Fabulous character* She knew that he is active duty, he would lose his career, children and his wife in a heartbeat, but she didn’t care. This woman is a 6th grade English teacher in VA. I surely do not want this woman teaching my children, hopefully she does not teach yours. I confronted my husband about the entire situation, he told me”everything” and for now it seems all the stories match up. This woman is lacking in character, has no morals and has dampened her reputation as a teacher because of this online fiasco. I hope she teaches her children and students well, and they never repeat the cycle.

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