Art Futures Group Complaint


AFG uses relentless cold calling techniques (not sure how they obtained my number) and promises of 6% yield on artwork purchased through a corporate rental programme. The rental is guaranteed for 2 years after which they claim to be unable to rent the artwork. In reality, none of their artworks are rented out and the price initially paid is inflated to cover a hefty profit for them plus the 6% rental yield for 2 years. Their initial sales pitch relies heavily on auction results for their artists and they advise that you can sell the work in 3-5 years and make ~ 20% pa return. I bought a painting from them in 2012 and 7 years later the reality is that no auction houses are interested in their art and AFG advises that you buy more pieces from them as it is easier to sell a collection of work – don”t fall for it! Please be wary.

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