Arlene M Martinez MD


This report pertains to Arlene Martinez-Delio, a psychiatrist seen by one of my family members several days ago. The first thing I noticed as we drove into the parking lot at her office in Lutz, Florida, was the number of out of state license plates on all of the cars lined up in front of her office. This was the first “red flag.” The next “red flag” was the number of sketchy looking characters lounging around the entrance, waiting, I would guess, for their perscriptions to be filled, typical of a pill mill type operation. As we entered her office, the waiting room was filthy: trash strewn on the floor, dirty kids climbing all over the cheap stained furniture, and an odd smell coming from somewhere in the back. As we approached the reception desk, we were met by two young women who were wearing dirty looking scrubs, acting like we were annoying them just to be there, but glad to be taking our money anyway. One gave us dirty looks, acted as if she was bored to death, while picking at her fake nails and staring around the waiting room with a vacant look. Her glazed eyes made us think she was high on something. When we finally, after over an hour of waiting, got to see Martinez-Delio, she had a rushed, harried look about her, spoke rapidy to us, was dismissive, rude, very uncaring and condescending towards us. We spent all of about five minutes with her, even though she billed our insurance company for one hour of time, She threw two perscriptions at us, then shooed us out of her office as quickly as she could to get the next sucker, er, patient in to be seen. Needless to say, we won’t be going back to that place again, it was a horrid experience. It’s obvious she could’nt care less about the patient, only about how much money she could squeeze out of you (and the insurance company) in the least amount of time. Someone should audit this woman’s books or at least investigate what appears to be her “pill mill” activities. So, my advice: avoid this woman, she’s pretty loopy, and maybe should put herself on some medication. I had heard rumors about her, none very good. I should have listened to them and not gone there, oh well, lesson learned I guess.

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