Arise Virtual Solutions Complaint


Arise hires employees with the premise that IF you successfully pass training and several exams you can work for an employer. I feel as though Arise misconceives people knowing that there may be only several slots opened with a particular company, but take a great deal of money from many unknowingly applicants (in one of my classes there were about 26 students, but only several successfully qualified and were able to work for that one employer) for those to few positions. In order to become eligible to train for a particular company, each applicant MUST pay first, that is the first step before having access to the training is expressing interest in a company. The applicant is then sent an email saying they are eligible to take the training. However, the applicant then pays a fee, which ranges from $200+ on up. If you don”t get through training, pass the exams, or are not certified, the person DOES NOT get a refund of monies. Additionally, you get NO explanation as to why. I have applied, was qualified, successfully passed training and all tests, 1 with a 85%, and the others with 100% and got to the certification process and was told after the second day of that certification that they would go no further with me. My daughter worked for two employers with Arise and both times her account was locked, which means she could not access the employers secured sites. She tried repeatedly contacting her performance facilitators (PF”s) and emailing Arise, as well as the employers and was told absolutely nothing. It can be surmised that she was terminated with again NO explanations whatsoever. No phone calls and no emails stating that she was terminated (we”re guessing that she was terminated, but Arise never confirmed). The first employer was seasonal, so maybe that is the reason why her employment was abruptly terminated. However, with the other employer just the day prior to them locking her account she received an email stating she was doing a great job! The position was for a Customer Service/Sales position, but before while in training, many had asked the trainer if Sales was mandatory for the position. The instructor informed them that although sales was desired it was not a mandatory requirement for the position. In other words, sales were not being pushed. I paid $250.00 for my daughter for this training through Arise. She worked just a month. Not to mention, when a person is employed through Arise, they take out $19.95 from each paycheck, which is twice a month. They claim that this is to have the ability to have access to their website, the employer, etc. Collectively, between my daughter and myself have spent over $1, 000.00 just in Arise”s fees (paying for the training alone), and other fees for headphones, internet access, etc., and we have nothing to show for it, but a empty pocketbook. We even had a study buddy”s with whom we practiced with everyday to endure we all would get hired, and they didn”t make it either. Although, they too paid money to Arise. The only thing that I can say about this company is DO NOT apply with them. It is a growing company, because of the money they take from many many people and the NO REFUND policy, and that”s whether you qualify for just the training or not. After trying twice to get a job thorough them, and my daughter working twice with them a being abruptly terminated we have ended our contract with them, and with NEVER apply for another position with Arise again. I suggest you don”t either. Applicants Beware!!!

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