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Appliance Zone is in the business of routinely ripping consumers off. They refuse to provide any kind of customer service via a live person or telephone number. This is a big red flag. They offer no assistance when they ship the wrong part and their RMA and 90 Day Refund policy is a LIE! Even before you get an RMA when reporting a problem, they threaten to keep your money. nAfter you return the defective or wrong part, they send you an email saying they have conveniently disposed of the evidence (thrown the part away) and that they are keeping your money. nRead complaint after complaint for this same problem. nMost of the positive feedbacks say the same thing in the same verbiage, this is no accident. It is the company trying to prop up it’s egregious reputation. nAvoid this company at all costs. It is nothing but a scam. nThey especially prey on Seniors (which I am) because they think we can not defend ourselves. Well I am a Military Wife and if there is one thing we know, it’s what is worth fighting for!

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