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My wife brought to my attention an unathurized debit to our credit card account. Neither of us recognized the name, so I did some Do Diligence. nThe first step was to contact the credit card companies customer service department. They in turn called a number for this company and put me on the line with a person named Mellisa. nMellisa attempted to inform me I had asked for a travel membership, which of course I had not. The phone number given for AP9todaysescapes is 1-877-820-8329. The number listed on my bill was 1-800-550-4728. This number gets you no where because it askes for a customer ID number. nThis Mellisa without any further threatening by me, cancelled the membership, which of course was bogus, and stated I would receive a credit to my account for the full amount with-in 2 business days. nBe very wary of even looking at a web business when doing searches, as I believe this is where we were duped. The scary part is how do they get your credit card number with out your consent? Does your bank have any internal checks? I do know banks are tracking your usage in an attempt to curb this type of unathorized billing to you. nMichaelnTroy, OhioU.S.A.

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