Anomaly Models is a SCAM


My Complaint: This fake new agency has mislead us! I was stopped in the street and was told I could become a model. Vanessa Damaris claimed to be the owner of Anomaly Model Management. I gave her my number and we spoke later in the week, she expressed I needed $450 to start and that the money would be paid towards my photo shoot which she also said she would direct as well take care of my Hair and Make up. It has now been 4 weeks and she has not returned my calls. I am highly upset and as I began to reach out to her she continuously kept hanging up on me. My parents are now involved and I am on a quest to find Vanessa, I am seeking legal action against this SCAME AGENCY! I have found that Vanessa is from the Virginia area and has done short porn films in the NYC underground hip hop industry. Please be aware of this girl and her company Anomaly Model Management.


My Demand: I want my money Back!

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