Angela Angilley Detroit, Michigan Michigan


My fiance and I have been together for almost two years. I had gotten out of an abusive relationship which he helped me to escape. We were trying to just be friends with benefits but then we became exclusive and I got pregnant quickly. I had difficulty with two previous pregnancies in my prior relationship, I lost both babies, so I was very worried about this pregnancy. I made it to full term with very few arguments between my man and I. We got out own place after living with my dad for free in the upper level of his home; I supported my guy with school money and worked for a prestigious television judge. He would work but occasionally lose his job for one reason or another; this I was fine with. I had never been with a man as educated as him, with their own vehicle and who actually wanted to work. He ended up getting a job downtown Detroit as a forklift driver. This is where he met”Ann”. || Well one day there was a misunderstanding between us. I had invited a male acquaintance over to have a few beers with my guy because he moved out of state with me at the beginning of our relationship and was always complaining that he didn’t have any friends. The guy never confirmed but then showed up when my man was supposed to be at work but had been called off. The next morning, I was supposed to drive my son’s father to work. He left his phone in the bathroom; we have always been very open about each others phones so I just went through it not expecting to find anything. I regularly play games on his phone, use it when my phone is acting crazy, and just reminisce over our old texts or whatever. At the top was a text message from”Ann”, whom I’d never heard of. Well, I open the message and it’s a full body picture (fully clothed) with the message”show her this so she can be jealous”. We fought, I was heartbroken. I went through the messages again later the next day and he had not only been texting her but calling her as well. The new messages said”She said she’s not jealous but I think she is” (him)”Oh she is. At least it wasn’t a bubble bath pic” (her) and some other things that escape me now. I gave him my three choices: I could leave and he could take care of his own, I could get even or we could work it out if he promised to stop talking with her. He promised to stop talking to her and he did for a while. The last message she had send was”Hey what’s up” (spelled horridly wrong) and then”Oh so that’s it then, not even a goodbye?”¬†Up until yesterday, I had no definitive proof they were talking. But I suspected it. Then yesterday, I was using his phone nonchalantly while he napped. I got a call from a friend and then noticed a text message; I expected this message to be from my friend but it wasn’t – it was from Ann. I blew up and told him it was over and told her what a classless piece of disrespectful gutter trash she is and that I was going to let her man and family know EVERYTHING. That I was going to post her shit all over and maybe even craigslist. She called saying I was childish and I should care for my man better yadda yadda and it was all his fault, she told him she was happily married and wouldn’t cheat on her man with him UNLESS HE WAS SINGLE – her words exactly. I talked to my man about it later and he claims she is lying – that she told him she no longer wanted to be with her husband and that she was sick of his shit. He claims he just wants a woman like her – that she has things on”lockdown”. I asked then why the f**k is she living in the ghetto? Why is she talking behind her man’s back and jumping from job to job while disrespecting her own family – her man and two kids? He claimed I brought all this on myself and that he never really loved me and planned to leave me, etc. But then he says he doesn’t know what he wants and I’m like me the f**k either. || But everyone needs to know this woman is a lying, conniving snake who lives in the ghetto and talks behind her mans back with other taken men. She has no respect for her family and she is classless trash. I hope your man finds this you skanky whore so everyone knows what a piece of crap you are. My jerk man wasn’t perfect in this but you also had an issue – you should have just backed the f**k off. A friend wouldn’t say the things you were saying and you know it! You deserve everything you get, especially your recognition for being a homewrecker. Lie to someone else next time.

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