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Sales representative Andrew Sokolow discussed with me and my boyfriend that Wyndham had a buy-back program for owners looking to sell their timeshare as they did not want their product on the second hand market. It was clearly stated that Wyndham would buy the timeshare back, giving me less than what I paid, but nonetheless would buy it back! After several negative experiences with the company, and when financial hard times called for a tightening of the budget I called in to start the process of selling the timeshare back to the company only to find out that this program did not exist, and my only option was to sell it third party. I would never have purchased had I been told the truth about this! After I called Wyndham and found out that there was no buyback program, I called Sales Representative Andrew Sokolow and he denied ever telling me that, and said he would help me sell it. After this time, Andrew no longer answered my phone calls. 2. Sales Representative Andrew Sokolow and closing agent Tina Ulmer also told me that if I turned in referrals they would pay for my maintenance fees and assured me that my referrals would only be called ONCE. This was a lie. Myself, my family, and my friends were called and harassed so much that we all had to put our numbers on an internal Do Not Call list and I ended up losing a couple of friends over it. 3. Sales Representative Andrew Sokolow also told me that I would have enough points for many of the other offered programs, i.e. Plus Partners reservations and airfare. When I tried to utilize the points, I was told I did not have enough and again would have to pay the extra fees assigned to utilize the airfare program. I was not told I would have to pay any fees. Also, the exchange rate was not a good deal as presented to me at the time. Once again I feel lied to about these fees and exchange rates. 4. When I went to meet with Sales Representative Andrew Sokolow, he stated he was not permitted to say this was an investment, but he was reassuring me that purchasing this timeshare would be a way to invest in my familys future. From what I understand even mentioning the word investment is against company policy. 6. Closing Agent Tina Ulmer gave me a brief summary of each document. When I attempted to read the documents over before signing them, Tina and Andrew were both getting annoyed with me. Both kept trying to reassure me that the information was the same as was discussed previously, and that it would take me much too long to read over it then and there. They do this every day so I trusted what they were telling me. To present, there was complete misrepresentation from what they told me to what I signed.

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