Andrea Hollister Mansfield, Ohio Ohio


My husband and I have been married for 4 years and together for 6. We had a normal marriage. We fought every now and but we were best friends.  We could probably count on one hand how many nights we spent apart since we met. We have been through loss, we’ve been through happy times, terrible times, from having children to miscarriages, but we always made it through the tough times.  I thought there’s nothing that will ever ruin us, until last summer. || My husband and I took a break because we were having a tough time always arguing but we both knew it wasn’t over, we still spent time together and were physically together and at the end of summer we got back together.  We missed each other so much.  Well in that time he played coed softball and met Andrea. I guess they dated nothing serious, she was married too! When we got back together everything was perfect we got pregnant he wanted another baby so bad so I said ok.  Fast forward seven months later he starts acting weird about his phone.  He’s never been private like that with me and one day he says he doesn’t know if he’s happy anymore.  I know something’s going on and he denied it. || Long story short my parents caught him in the Wal-Mart parking lot with this home wrecking whore while I’m 7 months pregnant and he kicks me and our 18 month old daughter out so he can have a place to screw her because you see, she still lives with her husband! “but they are separated” Any woman who can take a man away from his pregnant wife and child is not a good person. She’s even tried having her family fight me while pregnant! Long story short she’s a low down filthy home wrecker who is still trying to keep quiet about it, trying to never let people know she’s a home wrecker.  I think she’s earned her title and deserves to be exposed!

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