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Well I’m really hurt my husband is having an affair.  He swears it’s not true I have tried to confront him and he says that bi*** is crazy and a psycho. She sends him pictures when I’m not around and she talks crap about me on her Facebook. Most recently was”if your girl only knew what you do when she’s at work dumb ass bi***”. Like seriously who does that. This woman has even posted pictures of my children on her Facebook and calls him her lil man. I stood by his side for a very long time. Over 20 plus years he and I have been friends and we have 2 children together. I’m so hurt she has even said on her page that once he’s off paper he’s leaving me for her. || My husband says he no longer talks to her that they knew each other back in the day and she’s just a crazy ass chick who is trying to break us up. I have chosen to let it go because our kids deserve to have both parents. I’ve even found her phone number and called her and she won’t answer. She has a mutual friend who told me she said he’s using me for money and my car. I work all day and this man stays at home with the kids all day. So I support the family. I just want this psycho exposed for the homewrecking hoe she is. Woman like this are worthless miserable woman who can’t find their own men so they try to steal others. The worst part about is she’s a very big girl and I have worked my ass off to look better than I did in the past. How dare her, I have sent a warning to her if she doesn’t stop trying to contact my husband I was going to press charges because she’s including my children in her drama. || Watch out ladies she obviously has no self-respect for woman or the bond of marriage. Please help get her out there so she can be publicly humiliated like I have.  You want to mess with my husband you will be put out there.

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