Amy Pederson – Fort Dodge, Iowa Iowa


I have been with my husband Jeff for 8 years, married for 5 of those years. Everything has changed in the last year. He has treated me so different than he once did. I have become more and more depressed due to the lack of any connection any more, and because I have no longer felt he’s had any feelings for me for awhile now. He has blamed all the problems on me tho. I knew something wasn’t right tho. Then now, today, I seen a facebook acct of a Amy Pederson, from Fort Dodge. I seen her pictures also….. || of her, my husband Jeff, and both of their kids, as one happy looking family. There’s pics of them out to eat, at ballgames, and even away on fun family trips together. I would be home alone believing he would be away for like he would tell me, but really off away somewhere again with this home wrecker and the kids. He couldn’t even just man up one bit and tell me he found someone else he’d rather be with so I could of at least worked on trying to go on with my own life. Instead he just continued to treat me like such crap. I didn’t understand why he had changed toward me until now. I really don’t care who she is, how nice she could possibly even be either. A home wrecker is just that, a home wrecker! Nothing else! A home wrecker comes in many disguises! Now I have to learn to pull my own self up out of this deep depression they have shoved me down in. Both of them, my husband Jeff, and this home wrecker Amy Pederson, at least deserve this much, to be outed to the public by me. They still have done much much more damage to me though. So here they are in this picture, I’m not even in the picture any more! I’m not crazy or anything, Jeff, like you’ve worked so hard at making people believe. This was all to make me look like the bad one, just so you two wouldn’t look like such horrible people you thought. Our relationship was good up until this ms home wrecker came into the pic! You may enjoy your spotlight home wrecker, Amy Pederson!

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