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Amie is an old high school”friend” of my ex-husband’s. She first reared her ugly head about 2 years ago, just after my husband and I were separated for a few months. He has a history of lying, cheating and leading a string of women on for years. He is a Sociopath, so there is no sympathy on his end either. However, he and Amie stayed in touch after he moved back in with me, until I caught them sneaking around together in January of 2011 after inquiring about some restaurant credit card charges on our joint bank account. At the time, he offered to end all contact with her, and the others, when we decided to work things out. Fast forward to December of 2011. My husband was arrested, and an Order of Protection was taken out in December, but at that point there had been no discussion of a divorce. I had filed papers over a year before that, but decided not to go through with it. He assured me that he would begin counseling, domestic violence classes, and”do whatever else” he had to do to work things out with me. I still had access to his Facebook page (a condition of his living with me), and noticed the women started popping back up within days. Little miss Amie, of course was back! They were spending time together almost immediately, and she was”comforting” my husband through his time of grief, while he was supposedly working on our marriage. When my children came home talking about spending time with her children, I became suspicious. Her (public access) Facebook page detailed their relationship from day one. Starting with”Warm fuzzies” the day after their first date (or romp in the hay more likely), and then on. My loving and faithful husband meanwhile was begging for my forgiveness and assuring me (through friends) that he was in no way involved with this woman, he was a married man after all. He hired an attorney, fought the OP, and I finally dropped it. He immediately started trying to win me back, and I of course fell for it. We were still husband and wife in EVERY way, only he was not allowed to move back into the house until he could prove he had changed and it was safe for him to do so. I spoke with miss Amie, who assured me over and over again that there was absolutely nothing going on between her and my husband, so I continued to try and make things work. He was back with me within 2 weeks of their”relationship” starting, yet continued to have her lie to me for months. She, to her own dismay, forgot to hide all of this on her Facebook page, so it was pretty obvious. He was parading her to family events, swearing to me she was attending as a friend. Anyway, after a few months, I could no longer live in denial, and told him I was going through with the divorce. I then threatened to go to her with proof of what he had been doing with me, if he didn’t fess up about their affair. He was forced to confess, and I told her anyway. She decided to stay with him (we were broken up now after all, so why not?) and told me that he apologized to her for his”mistake” and went on like everything was perfectly normal. She attended the family reunion with her children, my children and my husband, and promptly positioned herself right into my life. His family of course welcomed her with open arms, just like they did me when he brought me around, months before he ended things with his live in girlfriend (who I was completely unaware of, but that’s another story). Miss Amie has been bragging about her”man” the entire time, as well as trashing me on her Facebook page while sadly attempting to justify her affair for all to see. My older child (he was the only father she’s ever really known) has not seen, nor heard from any member of his family, and doesn’t even want anything to do with them as long as this hateful woman is still in the picture. He lied to her face too, and swore they were just friends, but also refused to stop spending time with her (this was when we were supposedly reconciling). Bottom line… he was my husband of 6 years when she started her affair with him. She was told we were still involved, yet didn’t care, since she wanted him. Now he is shacking up with her, rent free, while he pays child support to me, only sees his kids 4 days a month and never sees my daughter. He is playing daddy to her daughters and putting on the perfect dad act for all to see. Little do they know what he does behind the scenes, but I’m honestly enjoying Karma too much to expose him just yet I would love to provide a photo of my husband’s downgrade as she deserved to be exposed for the homewrecker that she is.

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