Amie Richmond Ellenville, New York New York


This girl was 18. Knew my husband was married but went after him anyway. Yes she had a man she lived with. In 2006 I see texts on my hubby’s phone. “I love you baby” I question him. He says she’s a FRIEND. Small town I find out who she is. I’m 7 months pregnant with twins (we already had a 8 year old daughter) I called her boyfriend/baby’s dad(maybe. Could be my step son. Who knows) he says they ended it. So I mention it to my hubby. Eventually he admits they were screwing. Flash toward Feb 16, 2011 I see texts on his phone. Same number same whore. “I can’t wait to be with you. Just you. Happily ever after” yeah. Ok bitch. I will tell you when you can have him. || I see his car at her apartments. I go. He refuses to leave. I ram her car with mine and leave. May, 2011 she makes a dating profile and posts my pic and my sisters pics along with my phone #. We call her, she invites us over. We get there and get attacked by her brother and 2 neighbors. He kicked me in the face I had 2 black eyes. He punched and choked my sister. She had a black eye. But I left covered in her blood and hair. My husband did nothing!  It’s over. She’s pissed and makes a FB page to bash me. So I do the same. But unlike her telling people that I stole HER man and am after her sloppy seconds (she was 12 when we had our first born. She was in kindergarten when he was a senior. Explain how I was after her leftovers!) People were messaging me calling me a whore and stuff because of her lies. Then February 14, 2013 she texts him again. “Fuck you. Don’t call me ever again. Thanks for the bracelet, bitch. Have fun f***ing coconuts bitch face” I’m thinking I’m coconuts bitch face lol I ask him to leave. He says no. She’s a “crazy lying bird” “I bought you a car for valentine’s day. Fuck her imaginary bracelet” so I tell her that. So she posts a pic of it on Instagram (aimaroo3205) I print it out and show him. He still calls her a liar. || April, she goes off on my FB like page. Saying he just left her house and should be home in 5 mins. 3mins later he walks in. I kick him out. He goes but still begs and cries to come home. She’s a liar. A whore. She’s mad he doesn’t want her. He can’t afford to stay in a hotel. He comes home. I’m on the couch. Will not share a bed with him that ho gets around. She’s got no tread left on her snatch. Yuck! He texts her in June and then he goes out comes home drunk and pissed off. Freaks out on me. My oldest tells him “don’t touch her” he says go to bed and she refuses to leave me so he bears her. He’s removed from the house in handcuffs. || Amie texts me calling me a liar saying I set him up and that she don’t want him, he’s my husband. Then we see them the 4th of July. Kissing. Yay! She can have him. He’s not allowed within 1000 feet of his kids or me. An order of protection was put on him not by me but by child protection services.

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