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My boyfriend and this nasty piece of work met in high school and reconnected in college. She befriended both of us. Became an active part in our relationship and was always making sure she made a point to talk to us whenever and however. Didn’t honestly think anything about it at first. But when they started texting I got a odd feeling I couldn’t explain. I would bring up my concerns and I would get told I needed to grow up and stop being jealous. Well about 3 months after the initial feeling I find out this nasty bitch sending my boyfriend dirty pictures. Little did I know what was going on. I thought we were fine and happy. Been together for 4 years. She gives him a sob story about how her husband beats her and is horrible. Won’t hold a job to support her child and her but she can’t leave because it’s against”Gods rules”. || Found out that they had slept together and had had a full blown relationship. Sneaking around in parking lots and parks. Really?!? Let’s have some class!’ They acted like I didn’t exist. After being caught my boyfriend refused to tell the truth to this day he swears she’s a crazy bitch. She on the other hand was scared shitless that she spilled everything. Although he never fessed up and said it was true and he stuck to his guns, I still left.

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