Amber Voide – Fredericksburg, Virginia Virginia


My husband left for work November 12, 2015 and he didn’t come home until the 14th. I was worried sick. He told me he had a fling with a young slut from his work that had been making her rounds around the job since she first started earlier that year. My husband wouldn’t tell me her real name he just referred to her as Trailer Trash. He begged for a shower to wash her filth of the last two days off him. We had a long talk we both cried. We went about our normal life Sunday and everything was fine. Sunday night my husband left our bed to watch TV in the next room. I never saw him again. My husband moved in with Amber Rae Voide the next day. Amber ended up being about 14 yrs younger than my husband . My husband has Sugar Daddy written across his forehead. My husband was probably at work bragging about how much money he makes. Amber didn’t care she was wrecking a 24 yr marriage, 4 kids or 2 grand children when she texted her naughty texts and dirty pics to my husband to reel him in or so the hubs said that is how it started and on the company phone at that. Amber should have looked for a single sugar daddy. My husband should have had her switched to another job site. AMBER cares nothing about anyone except herself and how she can further her own self by sucking up and sweet talking to every body and I hear she does it well just to see what she can get from you. Amber Rae Voide definitely has a sugar daddy. || My husband moved her from a camp ground to a luxury apartment voted #1in VA 2013. Amber Voide gets to ride and drive around in our brand new $60 truck my husband insisted he had to have a week before he left. I was naive and to think I thought he loved me. He is such a good liar. She will find that out quick. He will get what’s coming to him when she dumps him. I thought though, Amber Rae Voide will never get her due for being the homewrecker she is and destroying my little girls world as she knew it. So, Amber Rae this is your just due…I can’t undo this even if I will regret it later because I am going to sign a waiver and release so this will never go away just like the horror you put our family through will never go away.

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