Amanda Louise Halverson (Urness) Owatonna, Minnesota Minnesota


Amanda met my husband through a work function. She is a social worker (great work she does). Shortly after meeting my husband she emailed him saying she was interested in him and wanted to know his details. To me, a wedding ring is enough detail. She pursued him to the 5th degree knowing he was married and had 2 young children at home. I know the very details of how desperate this woman truly is as I had my husband’s phone forensically investigated recovering multiple pornographic pictures of herself as well as desperate pleads of how much she needed him – sending such things merely weeks after meeting him – YUCK! She is a 33 year old woman, has filed bankruptcy once already in her life, divorced, and still lives with her parents. I guess she just wants to make everyone else’s lives as miserable as her own. She even had the audacity to text him as we were out to eat celebrating mother’s day. She is absolute TRASH – a classless slut that needs to be called out for her skanky ways.

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