Alma Delia Ubaldo Aurora, Colorado Colorado


My husband and I have been together for 13yrs, we have two boys one of which has special needs.┬áThis whore was our neighbor. She had been with her man (he won’t marry her for a reason) for 14yrs and has 4 kids!!!My husband and hers met and we all became friends. We each moved to different places but would still get together on weekends as couples just to drink and chat. I started noticing that once this bitch got drunk she started to flirt with other men, my husband would not even look at her and would come sit next to me.I went back to school and stopped hanging out with them but my husband continued as he still had a friendship with her husband. After a while he stopped going which I was glad.This past May 2013 he confessed to me that he had been with her sexually on multiple occasions(he claims that it happened during the time that we were separated for a month)..not only that…she had a baby girl in February 2013 and that she claims that it’s his. (Yes, he is an asshole too and has the blame)I contacted her and over the phone she said that it had only been one time and that she was sorry and that the baby is not his and that she does not want anything to do with him.I forgave my husband for many reasons but especially our pre-teens who need him and I do love him however we are still not living together and are trying to” make this work”. Well come to find out that this bitch contacts him on pm on facebook and tells him she’ll let him DNA test when she has time (but does not ever have time, the baby is now 9 months! This is just an excuse because she hopes that he will take her and her daughter (she would leave her other kids). She messages him saying that she has feelings for him and that she strongly thinks that he is the father. My husband wants to find out if he is the father because he does not want to be charged child support down the road so he is very confused because she keeps telling him that the baby is his.She still has the nerve to tell him that she does not want me to keep him from seeing the baby if it is his. Meanwhile her man is the one who is taking care of this baby and she still lives with him!!!!! While she is trying to make my man be”responsible” with her daughter by telling him that she has feelings for him and still has the nerve to ask him why he has never asked more from her! || Ladies…TRUST NO BITCH..the f**ked up part is that this bitch has been in my home, her kids have played with my kids!! We had pictures together and all…..if you know this whore I would not let her in your home or anywhere near your man! I know that this is not the only time she’s cheated on her man but thought she would have boundaries. I am not sure if her man knows about all of this but if I ever see him..I will show him all of my proof. Hope that this does not happen to anyone else….so if you know her…stay away! We were friends for about 6yrs

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